According to the Statutes of our Association, there are four categories of members, with the following annual fee values in US dollars

  • Individuals: $50. Includes attendance at our annual seminar.
  • Institutional: Includes 2 slots to attend our annual seminar, an opportunity to present a topic of technical and promotional interest, logo placement, and a link on our website. Please inquire for rates.
  • Commercial: This category includes 2 slots to attend our annual seminar, present a topic of technical interest within established days and hours, and promote services and products by paying the corresponding fee set on each occasion. Additionally, logo placement and a link on our website are included. Please inquire for rates.
  • Honorary: Exempt from annual payment, with included attendance at our seminars.


To validate your ALACPA Membership, it is necessary to make the payment of your annual membership fee through the channels indicated for each seminar. For Commercial Members and Sponsors, we have enabled PayPal and an account in the USA. If necessary, the details will be sent to the interested party.

Individual Member

$ 50 Anual
  • Active Member
  • One seat for the annual seminar

Commercial Member

$ 1200 Anual
  • Active Member
  • Commercial Member on our website for one year
  • Two seats for the annual seminar.